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ZIJI...GZHI: Primordial Base


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gdod-ma'i gzhi - the Primordial Base

spyi gzhi - the universal Base

“Quintessence of the Primordial Base” (ye gzhi snying po), i.e. the primordial state of the individual.

gzhi - Base, Foundation, ground, basis

gzhi ji bzbin-pa - the Base just as it is

gzhi hyid la grol-ba - liberated into the state of the Base

gzhi dang ngo 'phrad-pa - introduced to the Base

gzhi gnas ma'i 'od gsal - the Mother Clear Light that abides as the Base 

gzlii-ma - the Base

gzhi med rtsa bral - without any base and without any source

gzhi’i 'od gsal - the Clear Light of the Base

gzhi yi ngo bo - the essence which is the Base

gzhi lam gyi 'od gsal gnyis bdyer-med - the inseparability of the Clear Lights of the Base and of the Path

gzhi lam 'bras-bu - the Base, the Path, and the Fruit

gzhir gnas - remain as the Base, abide as the Base

gzhir gnas kyi rig-pa - Awareness which abides as the Base

gzhir gnas kyi 'od gsal - the Clear Light which abides as the Base 


"GZHI........The Base......In the Dzogchen teachings, the Base (gzhi) is the state of total primordial purity (ka-dag chen-po). This state of primordial purity may, in some respects, resemble unconsciousness, but it is not at all unconsciousness as such because it is characterized by the presence of Awareness (rig-pa). It is often compared to the sky, but this is only an example, because the sky is not aware. But just as the sky is not changed by the presence of the clouds in it, so in the Base there is no change or addition in response to whatever we think or do. There is nothing new to be added to it, nor is it in need of any correction or modification (ma bcos-pa). It is naturally pure and never otherwise; that is its quality. The Natural State has never been defiled or modified by the events of Samsara. It is like a mirror which is in no way changed or modified by whatever it reflects."....The View of Dzogchen...."Bönpo Dzogchen Teachings".....Taught by Lopon Tenzin Namdak......


"This state of pure and total awareness (rigpa) is the primordially pure ground of being itself (gzhi)."..(Kongtrul: 54)...


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