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CHAINS OF LIGHT ... (rdo rje lug gu rgyud)


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Vajra chains – “Indestructible chains of light, reality or awareness”. It is described as strings of connected Thigle that make up the various forms of so-called ‘external’ objects of reality. According to the Buddha Brats expression of Dzogchen, the exact form and experience of the Vajra Chains may differ from person to person depending on their cultural or personal predilection. For example, Adamas experiences them as a combination of DNA-like structures with some type of runes embedded in them. For Anri it takes on the form of cellular structures similar to that of plants, animals or people. It is uncertain at this point whether the Vajra chains stay the same in appearance to each person, or whether it evolves with time and increased insight. Once again it is imperative to remember that everything seen as ‘out there’ is merely a projection of the ‘self’ onto the screen of space so the Vajra chains are in essence a visual experience of ones own true Natural State. Compare to Thigle, Dakini, Thogal and Natural State.

Thogal – Translates as “direct crossing” or “leap over”. It comprises of the final stage practice in Dzogchen in order to ‘attain’ the Body of Light, although in actual fact it is ones true body and one is merely dissolving that which obscures it. Practices include sun and sky gazing, staring into the Vajra chains, various yogic postures and the Six Lamps of Awareness. In short, it mostly involves literally integrating the universe ‘out there’ with ones consciousness. Realizing that it is all made up of dancing light and that it is in fact your very self, one eventually (re)turns into light, able to take on any form at any time and go anywhere. Thogal teachings can seem to be very hard to find though one tends to find it when one is ready to recognize it for what it is.Compare Thigle and Body of Light.

In the following quotation of Pettit (1999: p. 80), 'mantric syllables' are bija, and the 'buddha paradises' are Pure land:

"In the four visions of all-surpassing realization gnosis manifests spontaneously as visions of spheres of light containing mantric syllables and images of buddhas, "vajra chains" (rdo rje lug gu rgyud), and buddha paradises (zhing khams). After these visions reach the limit of diversity and completeness, all appearances recede in the ground of reality (dharmat√£, chos nyid), and the perfection of the three buddha bodies is attained [trikaya]."

Pettit, John Whitney (1999). Mipham's Beacon of Certainty: Illuminating the View of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection. Boston: Wisdom Publications. ISBN 0-86171-157-2, p.80

Vajra Chain

rdo rje lu gu - vajra chains, the essential manifestation of the primordial state of rigpa, awareness as expanse of reality manifesting in the form of spheres of light [JV]

rdo rje lu gu rgyud - vajra chain, indestructible chains of light [JV]

rdo rje lu gu rgyud - vajra chains; chains of indestructible reality [RY]

rig mdangs rdo rje lu gu rgyud - Syn {shes rab rang byung gi sgron ma} vajra chain of awareness-display [RY]

rig mdangs rdo rje lu gu rgyud - vajra chain of awareness-display [JV]

rig pa rdo rje lu gu rgyud - the vajra chains of awareness, vajra continuum of intrinsic awareness [RY]

rig pa rdo rje lu gu rgyud kyi snang ba - the visions of the vajra chains of awareness [RY]

rig pa rdo rje'i lu gu rgyud - vajra chains of awareness [RY]

rig pa rang grol gyi rgyud - Tantra of Self-liberated Awareness. This scripture teaches how awareness is uncreated but is liberated by itself, how to control appearances, to grow familiar with the vajra chain, and to naturally free all of samsara and nirvana [RY]

rig rtsal rdo rje lu gu rgyud - vajra chains of awareness-display, vajra continuum of dynamic energy of intrinsic awareness [RY]

lu gu rgyud - chains, "string of lambs". continuum; interlinking (manner); {rdo rje} + chains [RY]


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