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Cosmic Mirror


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"The quality of the cosmic mirror is that it is unconditioned, vast open from any bias...willing to reflect anything." (Trungpa: 1984, pps 100, 174)...."

In whatever he does, the master warrior guides the minds of his students into the visionary mind of the Rigden Kings, the space of the cosmic mirror." (Trungpa: 179)...."

In the realm of the cosmic mirror, clinging to concept or doubt has never been heard of." (Trungpa: 179)....

me long: mirror, looking glass....shel: mirror, crystal, crystaline....pra se na: oracular mirror....pra: mirror divination...kun gsal: sky, sun, mirror,that which is fully clear...kun mthong: mirror....

"In Dzogchen, Rigpa is the mirror of awareness held up to things so that everywhere, under all circumstances, in each event that occurs, there exists this self-recognition. This is like the net of Indra made of chains of linked mirrors, where every mirror reflects every other mirror." (Reynolds: 152)....

"A slightly flawed cosmic mirror allows the universe to exist: The existence of the universe comes from a flaw in a symmetry exhibited by a 'universal mirror' called the CP mirror, [and then lost me in a discussion of matter and anti-matter]." (Article in Scientific American: Feb 1988)...

"The son (Bu) is the unobscured, self-clear essence of the empty nature of the non-grasping mind. If we know this mind, this mirror of awareness, all nirvanic qualities reflect or manifest in it. It is called the mirror-like wisdom." (Wangyal: 125)...

The nature of the mind is like a mirror with 5 different powers: vastness, detail, unbiased, unconfused, all-accomplishing. (Sogyal: 153)....

The original state of being can be likened to a primordial, or cosmic mirror. by primordial we mean unconditioned, not caused by any circumstances. Something primordial is not a reaction for or against any situation. All conditionality comes from unconditionally. Anything that is made has to come from what was unmade, to begin with. If something is conditioned, it has been created or formed. In the English language, we speak of formulating ideas or plans, or we may say, "How should we form our organization?" or we may talk bout the formation of a cloud. In contrast to that, the unconditioned is free from being formed, free from creation. This unconditioned state is likened to a primordial mirror because, like a mirror, it is willing to reflect anything, from the gross level up to the refined level, and it still remains as it is. The basic frame of reference of the cosmic mirror is quite vast, and it is free from any bias: kill or cure, hope or fear.

The way to look back and experience the state of being of the cosmic mirror is simply to relax. In this case relaxation is quite different from the setting-sun idea of flopping or taking time off, entertaining yourself with a good vacation. Relaxation here refers to relaxing the mind, letting go of the anxiety and concepts and depression that normally bind you. The way to relax, or rest the mind in nowness, is through the practices of meditation. In Part One, it was discussed how the practiced of meditation is connected to renouncing small-mindedness and personal territory. In meditation you are neither "for" nor "against" your experience. That is, you don't praise some thoughts and condemn others, but you take an unbiased approach. You let things be as they are, without judgment, and in that way you yourself learn to be, to express your existence directly nonconceptually. That is the ideal state of relaxation, which allows you to experience the nowness of the cosmic mirror. In fact it is already the experience of the cosmic mirror.

If you are able to relax - relax to a cloud by looking at it, relax to a drop of rain and experience its genuineness - you can see the unconditionality of reality, which remains very simply in things as they are, very simply. When you are able to look at things without saying, "This is for me or against me," "I can go along with this," or "I cannot go along with this," then you are experiencing the state of being of the cosmic mirror, the wisdom of the cosmic mirror. You may see a fly buzzing; you may see a snowflake; you may see ripples of water; you may see a black widow spider. You may see anything, but you can actually look at all of those things with simple and ordinary, but appreciative perception.

Your experience a vast realm of perceptions unfolding. There is unlimited sound, unlimited sight, unlimited taste, unlimited feeling and so on. The realm of perception is limitless, so limitless that perception itself is primordial, unthinkable, beyond thought. There are so many perceptions that they are beyond imagination. There are a vast number of sounds. There are sounds that you have never heard. There are sights and colors that you have never seen. There are feelings that you have never experienced before. There are endless fields of perception.



September 2012

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