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SIX LAMPS ... (sgron-ma drug)


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sgron-ma drug - the 6 lamps (aspects of light in Thodgal)

'phro-ba - to emanate, to project, to diffuse, to proliferate

sgra 'od zer - sounds, lights, and rays

dkar cha - white essence

dkar lam - whiteness experience

dkar 'jam rtsa'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the smooth white nerve 


SIX LAMPS......"Everything that arises as manifest phenomena, consisting of sounds, lights, and rays (sgra 'od zer gsum), whether as pure vision or as impure karmic vision, is part of one's own potentiality (rang rtsal), the manifesting of the energy of one's intrinsic Awareness (rig-pa'i rtsal) in external space (phyi dbyings). This energy, in the form of light, originates in the physical heart (tsit ta)of the individual. From the interior space within the heart this inner light (nang 'od, Sanskrit: antarayotih) proceeds upward through a translucent channel called the Kati, or smooth white nerve (dkar 'jam stsa) and then exits the body by way of the gateway of the physical eyes....This internal luminosity, projected outside the heart, manifests in external space as something apparently real and substantial, like a cinema show projected onto a great screen surrounding the individual. One then becomes lost in the fascinating display of the show, as if one were caught up in a dream where everything seems objective, solid and real....The individual wanders around in circles, becoming lost in this projection....Thus one comes to live in one's projections and not in their source. This process of projection ('phro-ba) is described in terms of SIX LAMPS or lights (sgron-ma drug): 1. Lamp of the dimension of Awareness (rigpe dbyings kyi sgron-ma) 2. Lamp of the flesh-like heart (tsit ta sha'i sgron-ma) 3. Lamp of the smooth white nerve (dkar 'jam stsa'i sgron ma) 4. Lamp of the water (globelike eye) that lassos everything at a distance (rgyang zhags chu'i sgron-ma) 5. Lamp of the empty tiny spheres of light (thig-le stong-pa'i sgron-ma) 6. Lamp of self-originated wisdom (shes-rab rang-byung gi sgron-ma) From: The Second Statement of Garab Dorje...."In the state of immediate Awareness one directly discovers that all of one's final visions (the tiny spheres of rainbow light) are actually arising from within oneself."......John Myrdhin Reynolds....'The Golden Letters'....Page 157

thig-le stong-pa'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the empty spheres



Lhündrub Tögal is a Dzogchen term and practice which holds the semantic field "leaping over", "direct crossing" and "direct approach". The Menngagde or 'Instruction Class' of Dzogchen teachings are, for instruction, divided into two indivisible aspects:

Kadag Trekchö and Tögal (thod rgal). The practice of Trekcho is the basis for the practice of Tögal.

Tögal is the practice of "the six lamps" which constitute the preliminaries and the main practice.

The preliminaries constitute the practice of separating samsara and nirvana, "djungne-drosom".

The term 'lamp' connotes something that dispels darkness and refers to the illuminating quality of the practitioner's basic nature.

This lamp has six aspects:
the abiding lamp of the ground
the citta flesh lamp
the smooth white channel lamp
the distant lasso water lamp
the pure lamp of the expanse
the bardo lamp of time




Purifying Your Vision Through the Practice of the Six Lamps
Annual Summer Retreat With Honored Guest H.H. Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche and Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Please join us for this very special occasion. His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche will honor us by beginning our retreat with three precious days of initiations and transmissions. Immediately thereafter Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will offer teachings of the Six Lamps from the Oral Transmission of Zhang Zhung, the most important cycle of dzogchen teachings in the Bon Buddhist tradition of Tibet.


The second aspect to the Togel practice, the six lamps, the main part of the Togel practice. The six lamps are the training or familiarization to achieve liberation at the time of death in the bardo of dharmata. Through the familiarization with these practices in this lifetime the present bardo, the practitioner with the ability of some recognition of his or her minds nature, can gain the ability not to be overwhelmed by the appearances during the bardo of dying. This recognition is what is known as the merging of the luminosity of mother and child; their previous recognition will mix with their identification of it. The mother is the luminosity of the ground which is recognized and the child is the experience of dharmata which one previously cultivated.
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Younge Khachab Rinpoche

Dzogchen Togal Retreat

The Rime Shedrub Ling-Seattle sangha is inviting Rinpoche to continue teaching Vimalamitra's Instructions on The Six Lamps. These teachings are the essence of the Vima Nyingtik, which differs from the common 4 or 6 Lamps of Togal practice. Vimalamitra's Instructions reflect his own experience on the base of Trekcho and Togal. They also contains detailed instructions on Space and Primordial Wisdom. Thus, it is of great benefit to both new and experienced Dzogchen practitioners. Most importantly, Rinpoche will lend to the teachings his own personal experience, understanding and practical meditative techniques. Rinpoche will be spending more time on practice instruction during this retreat including instruction on working with the channels, winds and drops.


September 2012

John Hopkins....Northern New Mexico


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